Since its early steps, INMER has been able to adapt to the needs of the market, beginning its journey with a greater presence in construction, especially with the manufacture of hardware and metal components for blinds, as well as various plastic components for the same application.

INMER is also present in strategic sectors such as telecommunications, defense and naval.

Renewable energies are currently being explored with several offers under way, aware of the important opportunity that can have in this sector. Despite the fact that today our greatest production is destined for the automotive sector, we are also ready to work with these industrial sectors and any other that comes our way.



In its beginnings and for more than 20 years, INMER has been at the forefront in the manufacture of blind components for the construction sector.



All types of metal components and fasteners for electrical and telecommunications installations.



All kinds of metal components for the naval sector


Renewable energy

Metallic anchors and accessories for photovoltaic solar energy, thermosolar and wind energy installations.


Components for vehicles and other equipments for leader company in sector.