Technical office

INMER combines the experience of the best professionals with continuous investment in R&D, applying the knowledge acquired over decades in high-tech processes.

Maximum quality to meet the demanding guidelines of sectors such as Automotive or Defense.


We have highly trained personnel, in charge of the study and design, as well as the manufacturing process of the works that we are commissioned; all this according to the most demanding techniques, which ensures high quality and optimal manufacturing cost in all our products.

In our environment, the continuous improvement methodology is required to optimize production processes. This characteristic, as well as commercial alliances, allow us to consolidate and maintain our position in the market.


The development of products and processes is carried out together with our customers according to their specific needs in the transformation of metals.

We keep records of all the phases of the order processing, from the presentation of the offer to the firm acceptance , as well as the subsequent forward modifications , keeping in compliance with customer requirements , and the feasibility of the order conditions,  technical and delivery times.