R & D - Engineering

Our department, has highly trained personnel, is in charge of the preliminary, thorough and detailed study of the work entrusted, proceeding to the design and preparation of the workpiece drawing, study of the manufacturing process, as well as the tooling die project; All according to the most demanding techniques, which ensures a high quality and an optimal cost of manufacture in all the products that arise our customers.

In our environment is required the methodology of continuous improvement to optimize the production processes. Our small size compared to our customers and our own suppliers leads us to develop alliances that allow us to consolidate and maintain our position in the market.

The development of products and processes is done in collaboration with the project managers of our clients solving all the problems, in the transformation of plastic and metals, and according to their specific needs, since this department is in continuous contact with most modern procedures and the latest advances in technology.

All customer offers requests are reviewed to ensure:

- all the client's requirements are fulfilled

- The feasibility of the ordering conditions, both technical and leadtimes

Orders will only be accepted when there is a complete knowledge of the nature of the supply by both parties, by writing a final offer, contract or confirmation note, where there is documentary evidence of the agreement.

Records are kept of all phases of the order processing, from the presentation of the offer to the firm acceptance of the order, as well as any subsequent changes that occur.

Design is being donde under the following software:

- AutoCAD

- Solidworks