Industrias Metálicas Ruiz, S.A. (INMER) Is an Asturian company that develops its industrial activity from its beginnings in its factory located in Gijón, where it has its headquarters. Currently has a single work center, with an industrial building of 4,470m2 ,an office area of 520m2 and a designated parking space of 1,800m2. Our fundamental business line is oriented to the production of parts for the Automotive, Defense, Construction, Telecommunication and in smaller scale sector of Food, metallurgic and Toys.

 Our range of products and services is as follows:

  • Stamping, enbeding, cutting and bending of sheet metal with conventional or progressive dies.
  • Assembly of welding subassemblies (resistance, protuberances, TIG, MIG) riveting, stapling, etc
  • Inyected plastic parts
  • Automotive components with aplication in: shock absorvers, transmisions, breaks, steering, etc.
  • Hardware and components for the household appliance industry, construction, telecommunication, etc.
  • Integrated workshop for die-cutting and machining of parts in general.