Tooling Die Projects

Tooling workshop:

In this INMER,s department, we can improve not only customer service, but, more importantly, manufacture and design by ourselves the molds and toolings needed to achieve the final product, which guarantees a complete coordination between design and manufacturing , Achieving the perfect rapport to get the best manufactured in any of our specialties as:

- Cutting and stamping tooling.

- Plastic Molds for inyection

- Toolings for verification , assembly and welding.

The development of the manufacturing process is done by SOLIDWORKS and then the programming of Milling, Turning, EDM using the CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) system, transmitting the different data using Bluetooh and Wifi.


Maintenance and spare parts:

INMER Also offers a service of maintenance of all kinds of toolings whether conventional or progressive and makes the manufacture of spare parts for wear or tear, sharpening and set-up, etc.